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Headset (Earphones; Headphones; Head-sets; Earpieces) is a pair of conversion units that receive electrical signals from a media player or receiver and convert them into audible sound waves using speakers close to the ear. Headphones are generally detachable from the media player and are connected by a plug. The advantage is that you can listen to the sound alone without affecting others, and it can also separate the sound from the surrounding environment, which is very helpful to people who use it in a noisy environment, such as recording studios, bars, trips, sports, etc.Headphones were originally used on telephones and radios, but with the popularity of portable electronic devices, headphones are mostly used in mobile phones, Walkman, radios, portable video games and digital audio players. 

From the perspective of the development of the entire audio industry, wireless headphones are still new things, and the development time is not long. At present, they are still on the rise, users' demand is constantly increasing, and users' expectations for wireless headphones are also increasing. This is a new test for the industry. At present, several key points that users are most concerned about include sound quality, range capability and wireless transmission capability. from the data point of view, wireless transmission capability can basically meet the needs of the vast majority of users, while sound quality and range capability still have great potential to improve. If you start with these two points, I believe it will be easy to attract users' attention in the future. 


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